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Termar S.r.l.

Representative: Giovanni Terzaghi Website: http://www.termar.it Booth: H97

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Termar S.r.l., is a trading company with over 35 years’ experience in the Lead-Acid Battery Industry. We provide selected materials, components and machinery as an exclusive sales agent for specialized manufacturing companies.

We supply the following:

  • Seamless pasting belts by I.T.B (Industrie Tessili Bresciane S.r.l., Italy)
  • Absorptive microfiber glass (AGM) separators by Bernard Dumas, France

Termar’s commitment is to work together with our customers to help solve their individual problems, and not merely to sell our products. We currently serve more than 250 customers in over 80 countries world-wide with products supplied by Termar to achieve their full satisfaction.

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Termar S.r.l. will be available on the exhibition floor for meetings during the Exhibition Open hours.

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