Tuesday 3rd September

6:00 pm8:00 pm

Welcome Reception

Summer Garden, The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali

Wednesday 4th September

9:00 am9:10 am

Conference Opening

9:10 am9:35 am
9:35 am10:00 am
Present Status and Future Development Trends of Lead–Acid Batteries-— Markets, Applications and the Chinese Situation

Lu Hsueh-lung
Senior Researcher/Secretary-General
Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)/Taiwan Battery Association

10:00 am10:25 am
The Future of Lead–Acid Batteries. The Work of the Consortium for Battery Innovation

Alistair Davidson
Consortium for Battery Innovation

10:25 am10:40 am

ILM Presentation

10:40 am11:00 am

Morning Tea

11:00 am11:25 am
“Lead is Dead” – Did the Suits and Bleeding Hearts Just Kill the Lead Industry?

Farid Ahmed
Principal Analyst Lead Markets
Wood Mackenzie Ltd

11:25 am11:50 am
A review of the lead-acid battery industry in China

Dong Li
Leoch Battery Pte. Ltd.

11:50 am12:15 pm
12:15 pm12:40 pm
12:40 pm1:30 pm



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Stream 2


1:30 pm1:55 pm
Controlling Acid Diffusion – An Explanation for the ‘Extra Carbon’ Effect

Russell Newnham
Electric Applications Incorporated

1:55 pm2:20 pm
Development of the Best Additives for Enhanced Flooded Batteries

Mike Cheng
Sales & Marketing - South-Asia
Shandong Jinkeli Power Sources Technology Co., Ltd.

2:20 pm2:45 pm
Expander Mix for Standard and New Battery Applications

Melchor Fernández Garcia
Chief Scientist
APG (Atomized Products Group)

2:45 pm3:10 pm
Development of Conductive Carbon Black for New-Generation Lead-Acid Batteries

Zhimin Yu
Technical Marketing Manager
Orion Engineered Carbons

3:10 pm3:25 pm

Afternoon Tea

3:25 pm3:50 pm
The Outlook of Lead–Acid Batteries in Terms of Developments and Markets

Ming Zhang
Chief Expert
Zhenjiang Tiger Battery Membrane Technology Co., Ltd.

Environmental Protection — The Complete Solution

Huang Chao
Vice Manager
Better(Xiamen)Power Technology Co. Ltd

4:15 pm4:40 pm
Energy-storage technology — the rapidly-evolving scenario in India

Sagar Sen Gupta
Manager - Product Development (VRLA)
Exide Industries Limited

4:40 pm5:05 pm
Improving the Cycle-Life of Advanced LeadAcid Batteries

Nick Starita
President, Energy & Industrial Systems Division
Hollingsworth & Vose

Thursday 5th September

9:25 am9:50 am
Opportunities for Lead–Acid Batteries in Energy-Storage Applications

Angela Rolufs
Vice President for Strategic Initiatives
Paragon Solutions, Inc

9:50 am10:15 am
Battery Separators ― A Closer Look at Oxidation Mechanisms and Oxygen Transport

Richard Pekala
Chief Technology Officer
ENTEK International LLC

10:15 am10:40 am
Next-Generation Additives for Automotive and Stationary Lead Batteries

Paolina Atanassova
Market Development Manager - Energy Materials

10:40 am11:00 am

Morning Tea

11:00 am11:25 am
Catalytic effects of Carbon: Dynamic Charge-Acceptance versus Water Loss

Francisco Trinidad
Director Battery Technology
Exide Technologies

11:25 am11:50 am
12:15 pm12:40 pm
12:40 pm1:30 pm


1:30 pm1:55 pm
1:55 pm2:20 pm
Water Loss in Carbon-doped Lead–Acid Batteries at Elevated Temperatures

Plamen Nikolov
Associate Professor, PhD
Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

2:45 pm3:10 pm
3:10 pm3:25 pm

Afternoon Tea

3:25 pm3:50 pm
A Novel Approach to Developing an Expander with High-Temperature Stability

Marvin Ho
Vice President of Research & Development

3:50 pm4:15 pm
4:15 pm4:40 pm
Effect of carbon material in lead-acid battery negative plate under partial state-of-charge

Annie Zheng Liqing
Executive Vice President
Leoch Battery Pte.ltd.

4:40 pm5:05 pm
Advanced Methods and Equipment for Lead–Acid Battery Production

John W. Wirtz II
Wirtz Manufacturing Company

Friday 6th September

9:00 am9:25 am
9:25 am9:50 am
9:50 am10:15 am
10:15 am10:40 am
Electrolyte Additives for Enhancing the Cycle-Life of Automotive Lead-Acid Batteries

Maria Matrakova
Research Associate
Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems ”Acad. Evgeni Budevski”- Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria

10:40 am11:00 am

Morning Tea

11:00 am11:25 am
Lead Battery Science Research Program Overview

Don Karner
Electric Applications Incorporated

11:25 am11:50 am
Red lead for lead–acid batteries

Ian Klein
Head of Battery Additives

11:50 am12:15 pm
MES System in the Battery Production Process

Yingming Chen
Founder and Chairman

12:15 pm12:40 pm
Development of a Lead–Acid Battery Model for Automotive Simulation

Katsuyuki Sato
Assistant Manager
GS Yuasa International Ltd

12:40 pm1:30 pm


1:30 pm1:55 pm
Crystal Control Technology (CCT®) for Extending Life of Stationary Batteries

Boris Monahov
Chief Scientific Officer
WaveTech GmbH

2:20 pm2:45 pm
2:45 pm3:10 pm
Best Practice for Future Lead–Acid Products Part 4: Pasting Technology

Douglas Lambert
Vice President – Sales and Technology
WIRTZ Manufacturing Company