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Representative: Amanda Hung Website: http://www.battery-machine.com.tw Booth: H62

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The Gang Lih Industrial Co. Ltd. was founded in 1977, and manufactures automatic battery equipment and machines. The company’s main products are the CA-45AL Automatic Grid Casting Machine, CA-40AH Automatic Grid Casting Machine, PA-300R Automatic Pasting Machine, M-10G Flash Drying Oven, YS-400F Flash Drying Oven, M-600 Lead Paste Mixer (1000 kg), M-275 Lead Paste Mixer 500 kg), P-1620 Dry Charging Vacuum Oven for Negative Plate, YS-4000N Inert Gas Oven for Negative Plate, YS-4000P Gas Oven for Positive Plate, T-80 Automatic Pneumatic Plate-Cutting Machine, F-50 Battery Grid Casting Mould, and LB-20 Lug Brushing Machine.

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