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EBC Korea Co., Ltd

Representative: Jhames Lee Website: http://ebckorea.com Booth: H15 & H16

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EBC Korea Co. Ltd., located in the geographical center of South Korea, specializes in Lead Acid Battery Components, Materials, Battery manufacturing Equipment, Spare parts and Technical Consultancy for the domestic and overseas markets. We have valuable co-working partnerships with Atomized Products Group, Inc. (APG), USA (negative expander), Addenda Corporation, USA (tetra basic lead sulfate), Wegmann Automotive GmbH & Co. kg, Germany (terminals), Yucry Traffic Appliances Co., Ltd., China (magic eye), OMI-NBE, Italy (Formation system), JL Tech Co., Ltd., Korea (Manufacturing machinery), Sebang Industry Co., Ltd., Korea (PE separator) and Amer-Sil SA, Luxembourg (separator and gauntlets), and we have regional sales representatives around the world.

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