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Representative: Karl-Heinz Reinisch Website: http://www.rosendahlnextrom.com/battery-machines/ Booth: H28

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BM-Rosendahl is a global supplier of lead-acid battery manufacturing solutions according to highest European quality standards. We offer enveloping/wrapping and stacking and cast-on-strap equipment for the production of automotive, motorcycle, industrial and e-mobility batteries. BM-Rosendahl has established a worldwide network with sales, service and logistic centers in Austria, USA, South Korea, India and China.

If you’re looking for a highly inventive partner with a strong service record – a partner who not only understands the complexities of specialized products and requirements but is also ambitious and sophisticated enough to address your needs down to a tee, then visit us at our booth at the 18ABC in Bali.

Your success is our passion.

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