Dr Athan Fox – 18th Asian Battery Conference and Exhibition Dr Athan Fox – 18th Asian Battery Conference and Exhibition

Athan Fox

Chief Technology & Innovation Officer


Athan is a PhD graduate in Chemistry from the University of Cambridge and a part-qualified UK patent attorney. His previous roles include Technology Transfer at Cambridge Enterprise and management of a chemical research laboratory at the University of Cambridge. Athan’s core interests include the development of new and ground-breaking technology to address the world's challenges in sustainability, recycling and the circular economy - to bring about a 'world without waste'. He was selected to represent the UK and the European Commission on multiple government-led missions to Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Europe and the Middle East.

In January 2019, Aurelius Environmental won two prestigious Rushlight awards in London, UK. Between 2016 and 2018, the company secured grant-funding of more than £2 million GBP including a Horizon 2020 Phase 2 SME, Innovate UK Newton Fund, and Innovate UK Open Programme awards. Athan is an Executive member of Aurelius Environmental and is involved in technology, research and innovation strategy, technology transfer and commercialisation of the Aurelius value propositions.