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The Race to Survive and Thrive…Advanced Lead-based Batteries

Lithium batteries have already claimed a serious share in many battery market segments based on credible solutions and claimed total life-cycle costs. Solid research and development projects that truly change the performance and lifetimes of lead–based batteries are progressing. These offer the prospect of high performance, truly sustainable and low cost, energy-storage devices. The presentation will present a picture of the penetration and performance claims in key battery sectors. With the support of some leading industry technical experts, an outline will also be given of the most probable pathways and timing for delivering truly competitive and compelling solutions to the dynamically growing market for premium energy-storage devices in the transportation and industrial markets.

Ray Kubis

Chairman, Gridtential Energy

Ray Kubis has been in the battery business for 35 years. He started with General Battery in 1980 in Reading, USA, and later joined Johnson Controls in Milwaukee in 1991. Ray moved to Europe in 1996 working mostly with Hawker Battery, which was acquired by EnerSys in 2002, and continued as EnerSys' President for Europe, Middle East and Africa. He returned to the USA in 2013 to join the Board of EcoBat Technologies. Ray now serves as the Chairman of Gridtential Energy ― a Silicon Valley startup with a breakthrough approach to bipolar advanced lead batteries.