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The Outlook of Lead–Acid Batteries in Terms of Developments and Markets

Despite being invented in 1859, the lead–acid battery continues to be developed to meet increasing demands on its performance. Nevertheless, given the recent progress being made by lithium-ion batteries, questions will be asked as to how the lead–acid battery will meet the strong challenge from this alternative technology. What is the future for the lead-acid battery and how will the road to success be found? This presentation summarizes the history of the lead–acid battery with respect to its characteristics and performance. Possible developments and market prospects as dictated by trends in applications and social demands are also considered.

Ming Zhang

Chief Expert, Zhenjiang Tiger Battery Membrane Technology Co., Ltd.

Ming Zhang is a graduate of Shandong University. Between 1983 and 2006, he served as the Vice-Chief Engineer at Zibo Torch Energy Co. Ltd. There followed six years as the Asia Pacific Technical Director of Daramic LLC. Since 2012, Ming has held the position of Chief Expert at Tiger Battery Membrane Technology Co., Ltd.