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The Evolution of Lead Casting and Rolling Technology into a Revolutionary Product

Control of both the shape and size of the grain microstructure of lead is one of the most critical aspects of strip-casting technology. Through capitalizing on both its long involvement with wide strip casting and important research and development efforts, Sovema Group is now advancing a new breed of casting and rolling machines. Over a decade of experience gained from working side-by-side with battery manufacturers worldwide has enabled Sovema Group to master the lead casting and rolling process under real production conditions. This, in turn, has resulted in the development of a new piece of equipment that heralds a major technological innovation with several advantages. The system allows flexibility in the production of strips of different width and thickness, and higher productivity compared with the main casting and rolling systems currently on the market. Moreover, the system is designed to bring improvements to some critical issues that are typical of the lead-casting process, namely: the granting of very fine grain size and strip purity, constancy of scrap ratio independent of strip width, and strong dross reduction in melting pots. Sovema Group has paid great attention to reducing the overall footprint of the equipment, and to lowering both the operational and maintenance costs and the initial CAPEX investment required.

Marcello Fantoni

Sales Director, Sovema Group S.p.A.

Marcello Fantoni is the worldwide Sales Director of Sovema Group. He is in charge of all SOVEMA, SOLITH and SOVEL product lines. Marcello has a degree in engineering and more than twenty years of significant experience in managerial roles in the automotive and energy-storage industries.