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Silicon Joule® – An Advanced Battery Technology Platform to Improve Energy and Power Performances

In order to satisfy the increasing demands of energy storage in the near future, novel battery technologies that are inexpensive and high performance yet sustainable and safe, are urgently needed. In particular, as various types of hybrid drivetrains proliferate the consumer vehicle market, battery technologies with high energy and power densities are required for automotive applications. On the other hand, the transformation of our energy infrastructure into renewable sources is driving massive demands for distributed energy storage, requiring reliable and safe battery systems for stationary applications.

Gridtential Energy has developed Silicon Joule, an advanced technology platform based on lead electrochemistry, to revitalize traditional lead battery industry for emerging stationary storage as well as modern hybrid automotive applications. The Silicon Joule technology integrates silicon bipolar current collectors manufactured by low cost solar processing techniques seamlessly with contemporary AGM cell design and advanced paste additives to deliver improved energy and power performances.

Through continuous collaboration with our licensed partners, we have developed reference design batteries for both energy and power applications. Our deep-discharge reference design is a drop-in replacement for existing U1-sized battery systems. Our reference design for automotive applications incorporate thin-plates and advanced paste materials, will be well suited initially as an auxiliary battery. Our thin-plate reference design is targeted to deliver good power and high dynamic charge acceptance for SLI in start-stop automobiles.

In the presentation, we will introduce the Silicon Joule technology platform, specifically its design and performance advantages. Then we will discuss the characteristics of our deep-discharge and thin-plate reference designs. We will also discuss the scalability of the platform to 48V applications. Finally, we will describe the ease of technology adoption, and our licensee engagement model.

Collin Mui

Lead Silicon Electrochemist, Gridtential Energy, Inc.

Dr. Collin Mui is the Lead Silicon Electrochemist at Gridtential Energy, Inc., and is responsible for the development of the silicon wafer current collector used in Gridtential’s Silicon JouleTM technology. Collin’s career in material and process development started at Novellus Systems, Inc. (merged with Lam Research), where he worked with an interdisciplinary team of engineers to develop processes and equipment for semiconductor wafer manufacturing. Collin’s experience in semiconductor deposition processes led him into his first battery startup, Amprius Inc., where he contributed to the development of nanotechnology materials for lithium ion batteries. Collin then ventured into Gridtential Energy in 2012 during its founding stage.

Dr. Collin Mui holds a B.A.Sc. in Chemical Engineering (Honours Chemistry) from the University of British Columbia, and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. He has authored more than 20 scientific publications, and he holds several patents and patent applications worldwide.

Ray Kubis

Gridtential Energy

Ray Kubis has been in the battery business for 35 years. He started with General Battery in 1980 in Reading, USA, and later joined Johnson Controls in Milwaukee in 1991. Ray moved to Europe in 1996 working mostly with Hawker Battery, which was acquired by EnerSys in 2002, and continued as EnerSys' President for Europe, Middle East and Africa. He returned to the USA in 2013 to join the Board of EcoBat Technologies. Ray now serves as the Chairman of Gridtential Energy ― a Silicon Valley startup with a breakthrough approach to bipolar advanced lead batteries.

John Barton

Gridtential Energy, Inc.
Chief Executive Officer

Over the last 25 years, John has spearheaded high-tech product realization and operations for existing and emerging markets around the world, spanning North America, Europe, Asia, and Israel. In a variety of roles, from executive and advisory, he’s successfully scaled start-ups and organizations within large public companies, while ensuring world-class quality and competitiveness.
Prior to joining Gridtential, John was President of Global Asset Management for Sun Edison, where he oversaw the operations of over 8GW of renewable energy assets. Previously, John served as Vice President and General Manager at Flex, a global contract manufacturer, where he ran the North American Design and Hybrid Microelectronic Packaging divisions. John has also served as CEO of start-up companies Wave Optics, Inc and Novera Optics, Inc, which he led and successfully sold to Flex and LG-Nortel (now LG-Ericsson) respectively.
John holds a Master of Science degree from Stanford Graduate School of Business where he sits on the Alumni Advisory Board, and Bachelor of Science degrees in Physics and Mathematics from University of California, Irvine, where he also serves as a member of the Dean’s Leadership Council for the School of Physical Sciences.