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Present Status and Future Development Trends of Lead–Acid Batteries-— Markets, Applications and the Chinese Situation

In 2018, the world market for lead–acid batteries (LABs) was USD 46.92 billion at a less than a 1% growth rate. Although LABs are still among the major sellers in the rechargeable battery market, there is a threat that the position of other battery technologies, principally lithium-ion, will strengthen given changes in the service demands of the various applications. Therefore, it is necessary to continue monitoring the position of LABs in the global market, together with future developments in alternative technologies. Consequently, this presentation aims to cover the following areas: (i) the current market of LABs worldwide in terms of shipment, scope and future growth analysis: (ii) trends in the duties demanded from LABs in automotive starter, industrial use, E-bike and other transportation service., UPS and back-up power; (iii) the current market and its applications pertaining to the Chinese LABs industry.

Lu Hsueh-lung

Senior Researcher/Secretary-General, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)/Taiwan Battery Association

Mark Lu is responsible for research on battery-related industries in Taiwan — from materials, cells, packs and related applications. In addition to handling the official government statistics of Taiwan’s battery industries, he also plays a role in providing consultations to both the Taiwan government and companies worldwide. From 2010, Mark has served as Secretary-General of the Taiwan Battery Association.