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Partial State-of-Charge Operation and Modifications to Extend Battery Life

Market needs from idle start–stop vehicles are requiring the lead–acid battery to operate at partial state-of-charge (PSoC), while maintaining a long life. Other energy-storage applications, such as the harnessing of renewable energy, opportunity-charging of fork trucks and heavy road trucks are also requiring PSoC operation. To meet these challenging demands, many have proposed more costly solutions that include lithium batteries and valve-regulated lead–acid batteries batteries. Starting with the flooded lead-acid battery, this presentation with highlight many incremental modifications and their impact to extend cycle-life and offer a pathway to meet the challenging industry goals. The presentation will also address the impact on other key functions that include charge-acceptance and water loss.

Kevin Whear

VP Technology , Daramic, LLC

Kevin Whear is Vice President Technology for Daramic LLC. He graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Tulsa. He joined Daramic approximately 31 years ago and has worked in many roles that involve the manufacture, quality and technology of batteries. Kevin is now guiding and directing customer technical support and new product development efforts world-wide. This has afforded him the opportunity to present at many venues including previous Asian Battery Conferences, European Lead–Acid Battery Conferences, and BCI conventions.