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Next-Generation Additives for Automotive and Stationary Lead Batteries

Advanced carbon and silica additives are currently used in a variety of commercial automotive, stationary and e-mobility lead–acid batteries to achieve high charge-acceptance and improved cycle-life. The benefits of additives on dynamic charge-acceptance (DCA), acid stratification and lifetime under partial state-of-charge (PSOC) cycling have been demonstrated in large-scale manufacturing processes and are used by lead battery manufacturers to meet demanding new performance requirements. While much has been achieved, there is still a need for further significant improvements in DCA, cycle life and lead utilization by next-generation additives and formulated solutions to enable future growth of lead-acid batteries markets.

Cabot will introduce a new dense-fumed silica product, ENERSIL®2030 KD, which offers ease of dispersion in manufacturing and reduced loading in gel batteries by direct mixing with sulfuric acid. The presentation will also discuss how the carbon additives induce beneficial changes in the negative active-mass morphology, concepts on how carbons impact the DCA and hydrogen evolution reactions, as well as the effects of various carbon surface treatments on lead–acid battery performance. After successfully demonstrating that carbon additives can enable a DCA of 0.5 A Ah-1 in automotive batteries, an outline will be given of the next steps for achieving further improvements towards the industry target DCA of 1–2 A Ah-1.

Paolina Atanassova

Market Development Manager - Energy Materials, Cabot

Paolina Atanassova has a PhD in Chemistry from Sofia University, Bulgaria. She joined Cabot in 2003 as R&D project leader and has been working on developing advanced solutions for variety of energy-storage applications such as fuel cells and batteries. Since 2010, she has been leading the development of novel carbon and silica additives for advanced lead–acid batteries. Currently Paolina is Market Development Manager for Cabot’s Energy Materials business.

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