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MES System in the Battery Production Process

MES system can optimize the whole production process from order to product completion through information transmission. When a real-time event occurs in a factory, MES can respond to it, report it in time, and use the current accurate data to guide and process them. This rapid response to state changes enables MES to reduce internal activities without added value, effectively guide the plant's production and operation process, so that it can not only improve the factory's timely delivery capacity, improve the material flow performance, but also improve the productivity returns. MES also provides critical mission information on product behavior within the enterprise and throughout the product supply chain through two-way direct communication.

Therefore, MES system can track the data of every link in production (production plan, operation execution, quality inspection, warehouse management, etc.) at all times, optimize production plan dynamically according to the integrated algorithm in the system, prepare production tasks in parallel, and maximize production capacity. Therefore, MES system can improve the production and production efficiency of workshop. For small and medium-sized enterprises, in the face of soaring human costs, if we can use the functions of MES system to optimize the production process and replace manual processing with machine processing, the cost will be significantly reduced. So MES system is also very necessary for small and medium-sized enterprises.
The Presentation will introduce the full MES system from the below points: production management, the process implementation and the other function.

Yingming Chen

Founder and Chairman , CEMT

Mr. Chen Yingming is the founder and President of CEMT, he is specialized the lead acid battery machines development and manufacturing, more than 20 years experience.