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Industry Standard Battery Tests Validate Tydrolyte Performance

Tydrolyte is a less toxic drop-in replacement for sulfuric acid in lead–acid batteries. This presentation will report test results which show that the electrolyte increases battery life, battery efficiency, and charge-acceptance — all essential performance parameters that are required for stop–start and mild hybrid electric vehicles, industrial applications, and stationary grid storage. Tydrolyte can also help manufacturers eliminate a wide range of costs associated with using sulfuric acid, such as safety, storage and disposal considerations. Moreover, the electrolyte doesn’t require any significant changes to existing paste recipes, battery production technology or equipment ― consequently, battery manufacturers can switch to it easily and cost-effectively.

Other test results, published in 2018, have demonstrated that Tydrolyte’s novel chemistry suppresses lead battery failure modes ―such as water loss at 60 oC and corrosion ― and lowers charge–discharge resistance that may enable faster charging and improved round-trip efficiency. Additionally, open-circuit voltage loss is reduced thereby enabling longer shelf life.

Based on these impressive early test results, a full suite of industry standard battery performance tests is being performed by an independent ISO-17025 Accredited Battery Test Lab, at Electrical Applications Inc.

Paul Bundschuh

Chief Executive Officer, Tydrolyte

Paul Bundschuh is CEO of Tydrolyte LLC, a supplier of a novel acid chemistry to replace sulfuric acid in lead batteries. He was previously CEO of Ideal Power and took the company through start-up to a successful NASDAQ IPO. He has several US patents and has authored successful U.S. DOE awards from ARPA-E and SBIR. Paul has also been a FINRA registered investment banker and has assisted in financing successful mergers and acquisitions transactions.