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Improving the Cycle-Life of Advanced LeadAcid Batteries

Automotive and Industrial applications are increasingly involving the operation of leadacid batteries under partial state-of-charge conditions. Consequently, ‘Advanced Lead Batteries’ are being developed to provide this more demanding duty. Enhancing cycle-life has been proven by including additives, retainer mat pasting papers for flooded batteries, and absorptive glass-matt (AGM) separators for valve-regulated (VRLA) batteries. Hollingsworth & Vose (H&V)— the market leader in designing and producing AGM separators for startstop vehicle technology — continues to introduce innovations for ongoing improvements in cycle-life. To date, the company’s AGM separator portfolio has demonstrated the prevention of acid stratification, greater pressure retention between plates, increased mechanical strength, better electrolyte absorption, faster electrolyte filling speed, and superior formation quality. Over the years, H&V has, and continues, to work closely with customers to develop AGM separators to address their specific battery needs. This presentation will discuss the importance and differences in AGM separator design, H&V’s newest AGM product StratiGuardTM that reduces stratification, and other innovative approaches to improving the cycle-life of Advanced Lead Batteries.

Nick Starita

President, Energy & Industrial Systems Division, Hollingsworth & Vose

Nick Starita is currently the President of the Energy and Industrial Systems Division at Hollingsworth & Vose, where he oversees the company’s global battery separator business. He has been with H&V for nine years. Prior to H&V, Nick was with Milliken & Company for nine years in Operations and Strategic Planning roles and became the Director of Strategy.