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Hua Yang Absorptive Glass-Mat Separators for Improved Lead-Acid Batteries

The presentation will describe the advantageous effects that the absorptive glass-mat (AGM) separators manufactured by Hua Yang AGM impart to different types of lead–acid battery. In this respect, tests have been undertaken to verify the superior physical/chemical properties of the AGM, such as good tensile strength, strong anti-puncture, strict impurity control, and sustaining long deep-cycle life. In addition, it will be demonstrated how to achieve cost control ― not only for the whole chain of AGM production, but also for the resulting battery. Finally, an account will be given of the actions taken by Hua Yang to become an enterprise that is citizen friendly to the environment and beneficial to society.

Xiaoying Du

General Manager, Hua Yang Industry

Du Xiaoying has served as the General Manager of Hua Yang Industrial, Co. Ltd. f since 2014. She is heavily involved with the development and leadership of the company. Her educational background includes a master’s degree from the University of East Anglia, UK, and other degrees from Chinese Universities.

Shucheng Wang

Hua Yang Industry
Chief Engineer