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Environmental Protection — The Complete Solution

Across the world, each metal industry faces many issues in regard to the protection of the environment from their operations and leadacid battery production is no exception. Control of areas such as wastewater, off-gases from lead pots and casting machines and chemical wastes are of the utmost importance to the producer. This presentation will explain how Better Xiamen can offer solutions to issues with a number of critical items from an operational point-of-view. The following topics to be addressed: (i) lead fume/dust treatment to levels below ≤0.05 mg m-³, (ii) organic waste gas treatment, (iii) wastewater treatment solutions to reach discharge standards of 1B or 2 levels, (iv) acid fume treatment from areas such as formation and charging to meet an emission concentration of acid ≤5 mg m-³.

Huang Chao

Vice Manager, Better(Xiamen)Power Technology Co. Ltd

Huang Chao has gained six years of professional experience in the leadacid battery industry. At present, he is in charge of the Service and Purchasing Department of the Better (Xiamen)Power Technology Company.