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Cyclic and anti-vibration solutions for heavy-duty truck applications

Typical SLI batteries found on cars and trucks use the same lead–acid technology but have different features according to the road conditions as well as the driving profiles. Batteries for heavy trucks are around 3–5 times heavier than those found on passenger cars. Moreover, the batteries are not only limited in terms of dimension and weight, but also in the internal structure of their design. Rough road trips, air-conditioning and heater operation during engine off-periods demand a more robust battery. There is also increasing commercial pressure to reduce the likelihood of breakdowns and the overall need for servicing. This presentation offers solutions to improving the cyclic performance and the anti-vibration performance of truck batteries.

Fred Hapiak

President, Leoch Battery Pte Ltd

For over 30 years. Fred Hapiak has worked in the Energy Storage industry in many different management and operations roles in Asia, Europe and North America. He has managed Saft’s industrial batteries global sales network and US manufacturing operations. Later, Fred served as President of Saft France and developed the group’ energy storage systems business unit. Now based in Singapore, he heads Leoch International Holding activities that provide lead –acid and lithium battery systems for global customers in the automotive, motive power, renewables, telecom, UPS and data center industries.

Mike Miao

Leoch Battery Pte. Ltd

Yang Xuebin

Leoch Battery Pte. Ltd