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Crystal Control Technology (CCT®) for Extending Life of Stationary Batteries

Crystal Control Technology (CCT®) by WaveTech GmbH is based on the effect of electrode potential changes on the rate of electro-crystallization in ionic solutions. Pulse-shaped potential changes with specific amplitude, duration and front slope applied to the electrode alter the ionic distribution in the electric double-layer on the electrode surface. Ions accelerated by the changes in the electric field increase the local oversaturation, which creates conditions for easier nucleation and more homogeneous crystal growth depending on electrode overpotential. WaveTech GmbH has designed a small electronic device (BEAT©) that applies CCT® to lead–acid batteries by superimposing small modulating current pulses to the charge current (cycling or floating). The device is powered by the charging battery/cell itself. Crystal growth processes in both plates are optimized, while the effect on the positive plate is more pronounced. Charge efficiency is improved with every charge cycle (or as a function of time on floating). The effect for batteries with CCT® becomes stronger with every cycle. The capacity decline during cycling is substantially slowed down without requiring any special maintenance. The presentation will detail the main improvements in battery performance and operation. The BEAT© device can be connected to WaveTech’s monitoring system that detects signs of early battery degradation including conditions that cause thermal runaway and transmits data, analyses and notifications to the operator. Such information helps to reduce costs, automate operations, and improve service reliability.

Boris Monahov

Chief Scientific Officer , WaveTech GmbH

Boris Monahov has spent 39 years in the service of the lead–acid battery industry. For 25 years, he was involved in R&D with Prof. Pavlov at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. There followed 6 years of battery development and production with Firefly Energy Inc., USA, and then 9 years as Program Manager of the Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Consortium. He became a battery consultant in 2019. Boris is a member of the Technical Committee of Tydrolyte, USA, and more recently joined WaveTech GmbH as its Chief Scientific Officer.