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AeroCharge Carbons for Increasing the Charge-Acceptance and Cycle-Life of Lead–Acid Batteries

Lead–acid batteries are currently used in a variety of applications that range from automotive starting batteries to traction batteries, stationary batteries, and storage for renewable energy sources. Compared with alternative chemistries such as lithium-ion, lead–acid batteries are known to exhibit limited cycle-life under partial state-of-charge (PSoC) conditions, as well as low charge–acceptance capability. The addition of specialized carbon materials to the lead negative electrode has become widely accepted as the solution to this disparity between lead–acid and lithium-ion technology. This presentation demonstrates how enerG2’s AeroCharge carbons help to reduce the formation of dense sulfate layers on the negative active-material, thereby increasing charge-acceptance performance and lifetime.

Kirill Bramnik

CEO, EnerG2 Technologies

As CEO of enerG2, Kirill Bramnik leads the executive team through development and execution of strategies to facilitate rapid growth as a new member of the BASF family of businesses. With his extensive experience from BASF's energy storage materials businesses, Kirill brings deep operational expertise along with an entrepreneurial mindset that enables enerG2 to continue rapid growth on the BASF foundation of stability and resources.