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Advanced Methods and Equipment for Lead–Acid Battery Production

This presentation will highlight some of the latest developments in manufacturing equipment from WIRTZ Manufacturing that illustrate the company’s commitment to support the advancement of the lead–acid battery industry in the following three areas. (i) Close-tolerance, high-speed manufacturing processes to produce the lowest cost, highest quality battery plates that are available in the present market. This involves advancements in grid making, high-speed plate making, and paste mixing. (ii) Integration of automation into battery manufacturing processes. (iii) Improved and sustainable recycling of used lead–acid batteries (ULABs) to secure the future supply of lead and lead-alloys. WIRTZ strives to provide the best possible technology and service through manufacturing centres and strategically placed sales/service teams around the world. It is hoped that this presentation will act as a stimulus to the industry at large as it endeavours to ensure the long-term viability of lead–acid battery manufacturing, both in Asia and in other regions of the world.

John W. Wirtz II

President, Wirtz Manufacturing Company

John Wirtz holds a degree in Supply Chain Management from Michigan State University. He has been working at the Wirtz Manufacturing Company for over 14 years, and currently serves as its President.