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A review of the lead-acid battery industry in China

This presentation briefly describes the background to the Chinese lead-recycling industry, lead consumption and the global market, together with trends, opportunities and forecasts for the secondary lead market. An analysis will be given of the market investment in the secondary lead industry, and the latest environmental protection policies and legislation. An examination of the secondary lead enterprise ranking will be included, and in this context, also an outline of Leoch’s five-year capacity plans for secondary lead production.

Dong Li

Chairman, Leoch Battery Pte. Ltd.

Dong Li is Chairman of Leoch International Ltd. which he founded 1999. Since then, he has built this Shenzhen-based company into one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of lead–acid batteries for the telecommunications sector. Dong also founded and owns Marshell Electric Vehicle Ltd. and Marxon Electronics Ltd., which specialise in new energy technologies and high-performance batteries. In total, Dong Li has established more than 50 companies globally, with an annual revenue close to USD$1 billion and employing over 15 000 employees.

Dong Jie

Leoch International Technology Ltd