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A Novel Approach to Developing an Expander with High-Temperature Stability

Lead Acid Batteries operating in hotter regions (such as South Asia, India and South America) have a shorter life than those in cooler regions. Improving the performance of lead acid battery at high ambient temperature has been a hot topic of research and development for lead acid industry. Researchers at Hammond proposed a novel approach to developing new expander with high temperature stability. The Taguchi DOE technique was used to study the performance of several factors under different conditions. Those factors included types of lingosulfonate, carbon black, BaSO4 and dopants (cellulose base materials). These results provide directions for developing novel high temperature expander formulations.

Marvin Ho

Vice President of Research & Development, Hammond

Dr. Marvin Ho is Hammond’s Vice President of Research & Development responsible for the advancement of lead-acid battery electrochemistry through the development of innovative performance additives and lead oxides. With over 25 years of experience in energy storage technologies such as fuel cells, Nickel based and lead-acid battery systems, he has worked with several leading research institutes including IEEES at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Trinity College in Ireland. Marvin has held leadership research positions at Trojan Battery Company and China Storage Battery prior to joining Hammond Group Inc. Marvin earned his PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of South Carolina and has published numerous times and currently holds eight patents.

Enqin Gao

Hammond Group, Inc

Maureen Sherrick

Hammond Group, Inc