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Representative: Jin Suo Long (Fred King) Website: http://www.juxingmould.com Booth: H51

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Zhejiang Huangyan Giant Star Mould Battery is located in Huangyan, Taizhou, Zhejiang – otherwise known as “China Mould Town”. Huangyan Giant Star Mould are experts in designing and manufacturing all kinds of high-accuracy plastic moulds, especially battery container moulds, including tele-communication batteries, 2V batteris, Fork-lift batteries, Golf cart batteries, automotive batteries, motor-cycle batteries and E-bike batteries.

We have many years experience in producing moulds, with a complete in-house service from mould designing through to mould testing. We are your premier choice in a Chinese mould maker. We are managed by a professional staff with full technology and many years of experience.

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HUANG YAN GIANT STAR MOULD FACTORY will be available on the exhibition floor for meetings during the Exhibition Open hours.

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