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Batteries and Energy Storage Technology (BEST)

Representative: Gary Pavey Website: http://www.bestmag.co.uk Booth: M5

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Batteries and Energy Storage Technology (BEST) magazine is the world’s leading publication on battery manufacture, design and large-scale electrical energy storage, as well as an independent industry voice on safety and sustainability. If you make, use or supply batteries for portable or stationary applications, BEST magazine is a must-read for you.

Launched in 2003, BEST magazine covers developments in all battery chemistries from the established lead-acid and lithium-ion through to ground-breaking new developments. Our editorial team reports from all the major technical conferences and exhibitions in this field and is recognised as the BEST source for keeping up with major industry developments. Chinese BEST, its sister publication, was launched in 2010 to make the editorial excellence of BEST available in Mandarin to the Chinese battery industry. If you are looking for new machinery, materials or technical insight to make batteries, you’ll read about it in our pages first.

We also send out, in English and Mandarin, a weekly news briefing that is a roundup of the most important news stories relating to the battery industry.

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