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Amer-Sil SA

Representative: Hubert Deruette Website: http://www.amer-sil.com Booth: H5

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Amer-Sil SA, a Luxembourg based company, has almost 50 years of solid experience as a world-class manufacturer of components for industrial lead-acid batteries. The company’s range of products comprises microporous polymer/silica separators, and multi-tubular woven and non-woven gauntlets.

Amer-Sil products successfully contribute to the best performances in all types of industrial batteries such as motive power, telecom, golf carts, inverters, e-rickshaws, solar, UPS (flooded and gel) etc. Amer-Sil has developed a worldwide network. In Asia we have regional operations (R&D, manufacturing and sales), and we also have offices in China (Shanghai), India (through a JV with company Ketex in Kharagpur, Gagret, Bangalore) and in Dhaka (Bangladesh).

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