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Abhison Engineering LLP

Representative: Abhijit Vasudeo Sawant Website: http://www.abhison.com Booth: H83

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Abhison Engineering LLP provides total turn key solutions for the battery manufacturing industry, including motorcycle, automotive, tubular and VRLA batteries. We also produce a selection of ovens, including the advanced curing oven with vertical sliding door, flash drying oven, grid aging oven, drying oven, gas fired positive plate drying oven and high temperature curing oven with steam generator. We also produce finishing lines including fully automatic battery washing and drying machines, PLT or fully automatic HRD testing machines high voltage leak testing machines and conveyorised PP tubs for battery charging. Turnkey projects include the conveyorised ammonia pickling and drying system, the battery charging system, designing of batteries, tooling, molds and P & M layout and also pollution control equipment.

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