Island of the Gods

Also known as the Island of the Gods, Bali is a colorful land covered in hills and mountains with rugged coastlines and sandy beaches leading to vibrant emerald green rice terraces. The island literally caters to every kind of traveler; with a wealth of sporting activities including world class surfing; laid back coastal villages; culture rich inland villages with traditional markets and a volcanic landscape home to fascinating flora and fauna.


With a population of approximately 250 million – the fourth most populated country on earth – Indonesia also has the largest population of Muslims within its borders. Indonesians are renowned for being courteous and welcoming and foreigners are often given the benefit of the doubt when norms are transgressed.


The inhabitants of the Indonesian archipelago constitute a rich array of hundreds of distinct cultures, each with their own individual language or dialect. However, virtually all Indonesians are united by the common national language; Bahasa Indonesia which is written in Roman script. English is widely spoken in the major tourism destinations.